Happy New Year & Thank you!

Happy New Year sand drawing

Happy New Year!

Although it’s already February, let’s not forget that the year is still beginning, and it’s not too late to make it a great one!

I apologize for stepping away from this blog for so long. 2014 was a great year for my photography business, so my excuse is that I was taking photographs and growing my business.  [...]


Was this Photoshopped?

I stopped counting the number of times I have been asked the question, Was this photoshopped? while discussing my photography, and I’m not always certain what it means. In an effort to get to an understanding of the question, this article offers food for thought.

First, Photoshop, a series of software programs by Adobe allowing users to process and edit their digital images, has become somewhat of a standard for digital imaging software.  [...]


Friend or Foe?

Alligator and two turtles at Magnolia Plantation

Friend or Foe

A bunch of spectators, including me, looked on in awe at a peculiar companionship between an alligator and two turtles at Magnolia Plantation.  At times, during this spectacle, the turtles stepped onto the back of the alligator to sun themselves, unaware of the potential danger lurking there.

Turtles are, in fact, part of the alligator diet, yet they exhibit a strange camaraderie when the alligator is not in the mood for a meal.  [...]


Smoky Mountain Wildflowers

Smoky Mountain Wildflowers

Wildflower Waterfall

Two weeks ago, I visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park, between North Carolina and Tennessee, for the first time, catching the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage in all its glory.  Starting at Oconaluftee River Trail in the lower elevations many varieties of Smoky Mountain wildflowers including Crested Iris, Thyme-leaved Bluets, Foamflower, and Blue Phlox dotted the terrain while elk meandered across the pathways and trotted out to a stream to have a long cool drink with their comrades.  [...]


Search or Serendipity?

Search or Serendipity?  Someone remarked recently that great photographs cannot be found by searching or hunting for them. At first, it made sense, but when I really thought about it, I’m not sure I agree. There are many times when planning a photography adventure for the sole purpose of photographing particular settings turns out extremely well.  [...]


Springtime in the Lowcountry

Springtime in the Lowcountry

Springtime in the Lowcountry

He witnessed the beauty for a moment and then looked away.
When he turned his head back around… it was gone.


Spring finally arrived in the South Carolina lowcountry (low-lying region along the coast) as plantations and gardens awash with color boast abundant varieties of flora, including azaleas, irises, wisteria, dogwood, and others.  [...]


Saturdays at Charleston Farmers Market

As an artisan of the Charleston Farmers Market with my photography business, Susan DeTomi Photography, I meet amazing people every Saturday. I interviewed some customers last year, both local and from all around the world. This video illustrates why people love the market and keep coming back every year. Come visit us on April 13, when the CFM season begins, and every Saturday after that from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  [...]


What is Fine Art Photography?

When photographic images are referred to as “fine art,” it raises questions—perhaps because it gives an impression that fine art images are somehow superior; more artistic; even gallery-worthy. Still, there is a history and an established meaning of “fine art images” in the world of photography.

Advocates such as S.D. Jouhar, founder and Chairman of the Photographic Fine Art Association in 1961, strove to establish a new classification of photography created as art, defining “fine art” as “creating images that evoke emotion by a photographic process in which one’s mind and imagination are freely but competently exercised (Jouhar).”

Along those lines, fine art photography was distinguished from commercial photography.    [...]


New Topics on Photography!

I’m expanding this photoblog, Impressions, to feature articles on a variety of photography-related topics in addition to continuing with its original focus—to display photographs by Susan DeTomi highlighted by creative writing.

Customers approach me to discuss all aspects of photography, so adding those discussions as topics for blog postings seemed like the perfect way to share them!  [...]


Ode to Angel Oak

Angel Oak, John's Island

Angel Oak

I, Susan DeTomi, wrote the haiku that follows, relating my infatuation with a tree—yes, a tree—a Southern Live Oak, specifically referred to as the Angel Oak located in Johns Island, South Carolina.

The Southern Live Oak is a magnificent tree with curving branches that reach out in every direction and then arch up again toward the sky, and the Angel Oak is the granddaddy of them all.   [...]


Riding a Butterfly

"Rding a Butterfly" poem & Clouded Sulphur photo

Clouded Sulphur at Bear Island

Riding a Butterfly
If I hitched a ride from a butterfly,
holding tight, wings fluttering beside me—
I wouldn’t have to ramble through brush,
woven with prickers, every pest in tow,
to catch a glimpse of one perfect flower—
gardens and meadows alike, we would go.
My flighty host would alight each blossom,
sipping sweet nectar from a very fine straw;
the flowers would shower us with pollen,
the wind gently blowing the seeds to sow;
the bees would encircle us for hours,
all the while, putting on their jealous show.  [...]


April Showers

Couple under umbrella at Middleton Place

April Showers

Although it seldom rains around Charleston, when it does, there is almost a refreshing sense of renewal in the air. Instead of wanting to run indoors, it makes you want to press your face to the sky and feel the cool droplets splash on your skin.

Strolling around Middleton Place last week, dodging rain showers throughout the morning, I turned a corner to find this couple, framed with azaleas, sharing an umbrella while live oaks formed a perfect canopy over their heads.  [...]


The Boneyard

Botany Bay Boneyard

The Boneyard

The Boneyard seems like a befitting theme as Halloween approaches, yet the boneyard captured in this picture doesn’t quite match the one that comes to mind, the image of a graveyard, scattered with headstones tended by splintered black trees, stabbing their craggy limbs into the steel gray sky. This graveyard belongs to Mother Nature—a graveyard of trees slowly being reclaimed by the sea—trees that are now just remnants of what they once were.  [...]


Edge of the Hurricane

Hurricane Irene at Kiawah Island

Edge of the Hurricane

On the edge of Hurricane Irene, in the early evening of August 26 just before the sun started to go down on Kiawah Island, SC, a rainbow emerged between a thick band of eerie gray clouds enveloping the shoreline and the sun-streaked sky.

The rainbow lingered for a few moments and then disappeared into the night, stealing the last rays of sunshine with it, leaving behind a mere notion of its presence.  [...]


Little Armored One

"Little Armored One"

Little Armored One

After chasing several varieties of dragonflies on the Edisto Nature Trail a couple of months ago, I heard something rustling in the dead leaves to the left of the walkway, where I spotted a small patch of gray peaking through the mélange of brown. What could this naked, hairless patch of gray be connected to?  [...]


Welcome to Impressions Photoblog!

Welcome to Impressions, a photoblog featuring the photography and writings of Susan DeTomi. Some posts feature photographs from Susan DeTomi Photography highlighted by creative writing and others feature articles on photography-related topics. This blog allows me to express and blend two forms of art that I truly enjoy—photography and writing.

The photographs featured in some of the blog posts represent a small sampling of the photographs I take for fun and in connection with my photography business, Susan DeTomi Photography, based in Charleston, South Carolina.  [...]