Edge of the Hurricane

Hurricane Irene at Kiawah Island

Edge of the Hurricane

On the edge of Hurricane Irene, in the early evening of August 26 just before the sun started to go down on Kiawah Island, SC, a rainbow emerged between a thick band of eerie gray clouds enveloping the shoreline and the sun-streaked sky.

The rainbow lingered for a few moments and then disappeared into the night, stealing the last rays of sunshine with it, leaving behind a mere notion of its presence. After taking her respite on this coastal paradise, Irene, too, set her sights farther East and tumbled along towards more prominent shorelines.

4 thoughts on “Edge of the Hurricane

  1. Thank you, Doris. I peeked at your blog as well, and your pictures are wonderful. When I have more time, I’ll go back and spend more time reading it. Right away, I saw some great information which makes me want to upgrade from CS4 to CS5.

  2. thank you and yes, Paolo, it definitely was–the Charleston area was lucky to miss the worst of the storm.

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