Ode to Angel Oak

Angel Oak, John's Island

Angel Oak

I wrote the haiku that follows, revealing my fascination with a tree—yes, a tree—a Southern Live Oak, well-known as the Angel Oak located in Johns Island, South Carolina.

The Southern Live Oak is a magnificent tree with curving branches that reach out in every direction and then arch up again toward the sky, and the Angel Oak is the granddaddy of them all.  Measuring 65 feet tall with limbs stretching out to 180 feet at their widest point, tip-to-tip (according to Wikipedia), the Angel Oak is the oldest living Live Oak tree in the Southeast and has quite a following. Each time I visit the tree, I witness the awe and admiration surrounding it. Visitors from all over the world are snapping pictures and can often be seen hugging the tree, hoping to absorb some of its strong life force.

And so I wrote this haiku, a sort of ode to the Angel Oak which speaks for itself: